We sold the 2nd McLaren 720S

Jul 31st 2017

A few months ago we got a call from a loyal client seeking a McLaren 720S, he didn't want to wait the long waiting time for a new model so was keen to know what we could do! Being a supercar broker we can supply almost every car without any waiting time at all, we pride ourselves on offering new cars before most other brokers in the market so with the McLaren 720S this was the case, the car was due here in May however with factory delays it finally arrived with us the middle of July. The customer stayed patient because he knew he was getting the second ever car to hit the UK roads, Woppum got the first! (see instagram)

We got to film the McLaren 720S coming off the truck to do the customer hand over so here is how it looks! This model is a Saros Grey Luxury edition, one of the first 400 cars worldwide to be delivered of the launch cars. After all 400 launch cars are delivered McLaren will produce the customer specified cars.

We have more McLaren 720S's available plus all of the newest launched cars and future orders. Get in touch to talk cars!

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